LuLaRoe Leggings of the Month Club

We have started our LuLaRoe Leggings of the Month Club!


We place a leggings order for just Legging the Month Club Members. Whatever is in the box is what we ship out to you. If there are black leggings in there, someone gets them. If there are unicorns in there, someone gets them! You never know what you will end up getting. Who doesn’t love a sweet surprise? Plus we may throw a few goodies in some of the bags every now and then!

-You will sign up to join the Legging of the Month Club on our Google form at
-Our first month starts May 1, 2017.
-We will have 4 subscription options (invoice monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months or every 12 months). You will choose which subscription option you want and you can even gift one to a loved one.
-On 1st of every month you will receive an invoice for $25 plus tax for the leggings. You get free shipping!
-You have 48 hours to pay the invoice. If you don’t pay, you don’t get leggings that month
-We will place the order on the 4th of the month.
-Once leggings come in, we will try to go live in our Facebook VIP Page to show you what showed up then we will ship them out at random so we won’t even know what you get.

Some maybe asking why would I sign up for this Legging of the Month Club. Here are some great benefits to being signed up.

1. There is FREE SHIPPING on the order.
2. After being in the club for 12 months, you will receive a FREE pair of leggings and every 12 months there after for your anniversary.
3. Whatever shows up in the box is what goes out! If there are black leggings in there, someone is going to get them. If there is an amazing unicorn in there, someone is going to get them. They do go out random though. We will put them in envelope, random them, then put labels on them.
4. You never know if some goodies may show up in your package!

You can cancel at any time but you have to emailing us. If you don’t pay your invoice for a month but don’t cancel, we will send an invoice the next month.


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