What to Buy while in the LuLaRoe Queue


People who have joined the LuLaRoe queue often ask what they should be doing and what they should buy.  So I am writing a list of items that you will want!

My first suggestion is getting Amazon Prime. It is worth the price to be able to order a good bit of your supplies from there while saving money on shipping or gas from running around getting everything. Also, a lot of the items are just cheaper on Amazon.

Items Needed for Pop Ups

Clothes Rack
If you plan to do in home pop-up sales, you will need garment racks. I highly suggest commercial grade because they need to handle a lot of weight! The SimpleHouseware Double Rail Rack  is the rack that we have been using in our boutique and we highly suggested it as a durable commercial grade rack. The DecoBros Single Rack is one that came recommended to me as commercial grade and relatively inexpensive. The SONGMICS Adjustable Double Rods Rack has also been recommended to me as a great rack for leggings.

Clothes Hangers
You will want to get good quality slim hangers. I suggest either getting the 50-pc Zober Premium Quality Space Saving Velvet Hangers from Amazon or if you have a Costco membership you can get a 35-pc pack from there for usually around $10.

Skirt Hangers
We decided to use our velvet hangers and add clips on them for our skirts and they work well with the Cassie but not for the Maxi but because of space we end up folding our Maxi over the velvet hangers. The clips are HOUSE DAY Plastic Finger Clips for Hangers. If you decide to get actual skirt hangers, I would suggest The Great American Plastic Bottoms Hangers.

Garment Bags
We are using the Ikea Frakta Bags which you can order on Ikea Website or on Amazon. LuLaRoe also has some on their supply site.
G Bags

Shopping Bags
LuLaRoe sells shopping bags with their logos on them and that is what we use. You will be able to order them when you place an order (not with your initial order but any order thereafter). If you are wanting to have some on hand before then I would suggest these Shopping Bags on Amazon.

Style Dividers
These are not a necessity but they make shopping easier for your customers. We purchased ours from the LuLaRoe supply site.

Size Dividers
This one is not a necessity either but it makes shopping easier for your customers and it make it easier for you when sorting! We ordered Sizing Set of Colored Clothing Round Rack Size Dividers on Amazon.

Device to Checkout
If you are going to sign up for the New Bless system, you will have to have an Apple product. You can still sign up using the Old Bless system and you don’t need an Apple product for that system as you can use a PC or Andriod device with that system. You will need make sure you have internet on any device that you will be using to check people out or that there will be internet available to you where ever you pops up are at.

Items Needed for Album Sales

You first have to take pictures to be able to sell online so you will need a camera. There are consultants that will take pictures from their smartphones but I would suggest a DSLR camera if you can swing the extra expense like a Nikon D3300.

For Album sales this is a luxury item as you don’t need it but will thank yourself if you do get it because it will save you time. Set it up and then use the remote to take picture so that you are free to hang the clothes and put on your mannequin. I suggest the Tobeape Tripod for Camera and Smartphone + Bluetooth Wireless Remote as you will be about to use it with your camera and phone.

You will need good lighting for your photos. We have Photography Photo Portrait Studio Lighting Kit by LimoStudio, and it works well for taking the pictures. We also have used NEEWER 750W Professional Photographic Studio Strobe Flash Light Kit which is great for pictures and comes with soft boxes but is more expensive.

You can use a plain wall in your house or you can get a backdrop. We have a backdrop made from wood but if you don’t have anyone to build one or don’t have the extra money to buy one then I would suggest the Ella Bella Photography Backdrop Paper.
71yN2qpTUCL._SL1200_ (1).jpg

You can do an online album sale without a mannequin by taking photos of the clothes on hangers. But even if you take photos on hangers or do lay flats, I do suggest a mannequin to show on some of the styles if you have a boutique. I suggest a Tan Mannequin or a White Mannequin.

You will need to get a cute sign to put size, style, and your name for the pictures or you can use a program to make a template to add to the size, style and name. I use Corel PaintShop but you can use PhotoShop or an app like Canva or LuLaCollage.

Items Needed for Live Sales

Smartphone, Ipad, Ipod, or Computer
You will need a device to go live. You can use a smartphone, Ipad, Ipod or a computer to go live .

This is something you will be “buying” in the quene but if you are doing LuLaRoe by yourself, I highly suggest getting someone to help you with live and I would start asking now to make sure you have someone to help. Use your husband, a family member or friend even if you need to pay them in clothes or money. You will need the help so they can read comments, pull clothes, put clothes up and right down sold items.

This is the same Tri-Pod I suggested in the Album Sales item. You will need it for Live Sales as propping up your phone is hard without a Tri-Pod! Tobeape Tripod for Camera and Smartphone + Bluetooth Wireless Remote

We use one or two of the light from our Photography Photo Portrait Studio Lighting Kit by LimoStudio when doing our lives. We also use a Horizon Selfie Light Ring to give us extra light.
lights 2

You will need to have numbers to use when you show the clothes. Lots of consultant use Winco Coat Checks but they will show up backwards to viewers. You can also get plastic reversed number tags where they will show up the right way on live like these Live Sale Plastic Tags or these Live Sale Plastic Tags.

Shipping Supplies

Dymo LabelWriter 4Xl Thermal Label
If you already have a printer then you may think you don’t need a DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer but we LOVE ours. It is a thermal printer so you don’t have to buy ink, you just have to buy labels. Plus it is way better than taping labels or just 2-piece labels in a printer. To us, it is worth it! Make sure to get the labels or one of their package deals with labels already.

Poly Mailers
You can get Poly Mailers pretty cheap on Amazon or Etsy.

Flat Rate Boxes
If the order is big for the poly mailers you can get flat rate boxes for free at the Post Office and could be cheaper on you with shipping!

And there we have it. Those are the items that I believe are needed items for your LuLaRoe business!

 If you have any questions, please ask. We have also started a LuLaRoe Queue Club Group on Facebook that you can join!


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