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Facebook Page Vs. Group Vs. Event

Facebok Group

I see people in direct sales ask which one should I have, a Facebook Group or Facebook Page? The answer is both and here is why!

Facebook Page
A Facebook page is like your Facebook profile except that it is for businesses, public figures, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook. Anyone can see the Facebook Page even if they have not liked it. You need to create one for your business as this is where you will post to drive traffic to your Facebook Group. You can pay to boost your posts so that they show up on people’s newsfeed which will help get new people in your group. And even if people have liked your page, that doesn’t mean they will see your posts so boosting helps it get onto people’s newsfeed. You can also do giveaways on your Facebook Page to get people in your group. Posts from pages can be shared to personal walls and when this is down it will show up in some of their friend’s newsfeeds.

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups is where you will sell your products to your customers. Your customers will need to join the group to be able to see your posts. The more active they are in your group, the more the posts will show up in their newsfeed.

Facebook Events
Facebook Events are where you can invite people to a pop up. We use these with every pop up we do whether it is online or in person. They allows our hostess to invite their friends to the event and their friends can accept or decline the invitation. If you are having an online sale, you will then need to direct them people in the event to your Facebook Group.


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